Why Bidpointer

Welcome to Bidpointer, your online auction platform!


Are you considering selling your products? Then auctioning via Bidpointer is a good option.

Bidpointer is an independent online auction platform where you can auction your products in-house when it suits you.

  • You sell your products yourself by registering easily, quickly and free of charge on the Bidpointer platform.
  • You need to first buy credits before placing your products on the platform. 
  • Make sure you enter the correct description, clear photos and possibly a video of the product to be sold in the designated  places.
  • Then, before you place your lots, check whether you have entered the correct data, the data will be visible at  the lot.
  • Once your products have been placed, an active marketing campaign will be launched and your lots will be          promoted worldwide through: Email campaigns, social media channels, hard copies, advertising platforms  and  Bidpointer's own large customer base.
  • If potential bidders have questions, they can contact you as a seller directly, via telephone, e-mail, WhatsApp or SMS. It is also possible for an interested buyer to make an appointment with you directly to view the lots. All  communication t takes place directly between you and the potential buyer, you may even end up with a new customer!
  • Anyone can follow the auction and bid on their favourite lots. Most bids are often placed just before an auction closes.
  • Once the auction is closed, you as the seller can send the invoice directly to the buyer. This way the buyer can transfer the amount owed directly to your own bank account. So there is no intermediary.
  • Have you received the payment in your bank account? Then you make an appointment with the buyer to collect the products sold.

  Selling through Bidpointer is that easy! It’s the online auction platform that also boosts your sales!

  Good luck selling your products!

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